Andy Martin – Cayman Cowboy

The Cayman Islands is like the meat that is indigenous to its history – the turtle. It is said that the turtle serves out several types of savoury meat. A taste of every genre of music can probably be found right here in the Cayman Islands.

In Cayman, the name Andy Martin is synonymous with country and western music. No wonder he is dubbed Cayman Cowboy.

Andy Martin has been singing country ballads since 1975. His influences came from back in the 40s when the only music available to Cayman residents was country and western.

He was enamoured by the likes of Conway Twitty, Charlie Pride and George Jones, whom he considers to be the greatest country and western singer of all time.

Mr. Martin was born and raised on the island of Cayman Brac, which forms the largest of the Sister Islands. One can easily imagine him as a boy, romping on this unspoilt paradise, even more laid back than Grand Cayman.

I can see him lazing under a tree on a cool evening, with his small transistor radio, listening to his favourite songs, whilst the cool sea breeze fans him so and the wild iguanas peek curiously out from underneath the rich foliage.

Cayman is renowned for producing some of the finest seamen. Andy Martin, a retired seaman himself, penned an ode to the seamen, titled A Letter From Sea. This has become an unofficial seamen’s anthem and is his biggest hit to date. He has recorded five albums in a musical career spanning over three decades.

Andy Martin has been a stalwart ambassador for the Cayman Islands. As a bartender he sold Cayman verbally and accompanied the Tourism Department on many of their promotional trips to North America.

He has sung at numerous charity events. One event that was derived from his trips to promote Cayman is Cayman Nights in Port Arthur, Texas. He still does this show annually. So quite befittingly, on Monday 26 January, he will be bestowed with the Cayman Islands Certificate and Queen’s Badge of Honour at Heroes Square in George Town.

Country music lovers can join in chorus with Mr. Martin, live on the Paseo in Camana Bay in the Brac Aid concert on 31 January.

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