Health Services report ignored

Health Minister Anthony Eden doled out a no-bid contract worth close to $100,000 to former North Side MLA Ezzard Miller just days after turning him down for the Health Services authority’s CEO role.

Mr. Miller claims he was asked to carry out a consultant’s review of health regulations in Cayman after months of wavering by leading health officials about whether to offer Mr. Miller the job.

Ultimately, he was passed over for the job, but the decision came after key PPM supporters and at least one Cabinet Minister congratulated Mr. Miller on his imminent appointment to the job, following what was supposed to be a confidential application.

One year on from completing the report, none of its recommendations have been implemented, leading Mr. Miller to question whether he was given the plum contract to placate him and PPM supporters that had supported his bid for the top hospital role.

‘It just goes to show that this great mystique and confidence they try to build up about the bidding process for government contracts is a joke,’ he said.

Mr. Miller expresses concerns at the political considerations affecting decisions in Cayman’s healthcare system, which he says is rewarding ineptness and stymieing needed reform.

Mr. Miller – a former Minister of Health in Cayman from 1988 to 1992 – also claims the current Health Minister is woefully out of his depth when it comes to tackling issues crippling Cayman’s health system.

‘The public needs to be aware of this whole smoke and mirrors game that is being played with the people’s health care system,’ he said.

The average person believes that when you put Anthony Eden in charge of something – because of his niceness; because of his goodness – that he is really going to do a good job. People don’t ask the questions that need to be asked.

‘It’s all smoke and mirrors. The Minister and the Ministry are not doing anything to advance the quality of healthcare in this country,’ Mr. Miller states.

‘The system rewards ineptness. If you are not doing anything, you are not causing any trouble. That’s the way they operate. It’s a political safe game they are playing.’