Time to lick a six

It’s debatable in some circles whether dominoes is indeed a sport.

Some say there’s nothing physical about it and it’s more a game than a competition.

Others respond that plenty of competitive spirit and strategy involved and that it gets international exposure as a sport.

Nevertheless it is a popular past-time in the Caribbean and Cayman is no different.

This weekend the local dominoes association is making steps to assert dominoes as a legitimate sport in Cayman.

The Cayman Islands Domino Association, in conjunction with International Council of Domino, will host a large-scale domino tournament tonight through to Sunday.

The tournament, billed a 2009 test series, takes place from today until Sunday and features a Jamaican domino team against Cayman team Island All-Star.

Among the members of the team is police officer and Team President Derrick Elliott Senior.

The first game in the series takes place tonight at 7pm. Mango Tree bar will be the site of all the domino-slamming action.

Tomorrow the second match takes place at 3pm at the Corner Pocket bar.

The final match goes off on Sunday at the Mango Tree bar at 2pm.

Some US$1,500 worth of prizes will be available and trophies will be awarded.

The local domino association has a sizeable amount of members including local darts figure Martin Bodden as Treasurer.

For more information call Derrick Elliott at 916-3365 or e-mail [email protected].