Compass inspires upcoming journalists

Eleven students from the Newspaper Club at Cayman Prep and High School visited Cayman Free Press last year for a tour of the company and to be shown exactly how a newspaper is put together.

Inspired journalists at Cayman Prep and High School.

Mr. Brian Uzzell, publisher and managing director of Cayman Free Press, is shown with inspired journalists at Cayman Prep and High School. Photo: Ann Mason

The students toured the newsroom where photo-journalists gather information for news articles and photographs, the sales department, production and the printing press area.

In each department the students learned that while the roles of each department are different, they call come together at the end of deadline to produce a daily newspaper, as well as other publications that Cayman Free Press produces.

Mr. Brian Uzzell, managing director of Cayman Free Press, talked the students through the process then suggested that they write short stories of their experience and understanding of how the press worked.

They wrote good stories and sent them through at the end of last year to be judged. Being impressed with the work that the students had produced, Mr. Uzzell visited the school last week with prizes in hand for all the students. The winner of the competition was 10-year-old Caitlin Westerborg. Mr. Uzzell said it had been a hard job to decide on a winner as they were all of an exceptional standard.

During the visit the students’ teacher Brenda Bryce presented Mr. Uzzell with a newspaper the students had created last term called Prep News for You.

‘This is exactly what we, in the media industry, are working to achieve,’ he said. ‘The message has to start with the younger generation; they are our audience of the future.’

The students plan to continue publishing their own newspaper in the future.