Letter to the Editor: Dolphins needed

I do not live in Cayman full time but I watch with interest all the comments on the dolphin fiasco. I try to keep informed on the web from the Compass.

I own apartments in George Town so I have an interest in our country’s economic vitality.

People don’t seem to get it. We need the dolphin attractions to help sustain our country’s economy.

If Cayman does not offer this amenity the tourists will go somewhere else. You say this is all about lining someone’s pocket?

Yes that is what it’s about. We need to line the pockets of the owners of this project because if we do they will go ahead and build something else that is good for our economy.

I applaud the owners. Thank you for being willing to invest in our economy and create jobs that we so badly need. I hope you get filthy rich from all the grief you have had to take on all this.

I can’t wait to bring my grandkids next month to experience the dolphins up close. Good luck to the owners.

Dean Peterson