Letter to the Editor: Free dolphins

To the article written about how interaction with dolphins breeds respect for them, the people of the Cayman Islands have immense respect for these magnificent creatures when we strenuously opposed the development of this dolphin park and most of us have not come into contact with dolphins.

I am quite sure that people would have a greater and deeper respect for any animal when it is viewed is its natural habitat.

The dolphin safe tuna came about when humans interacted with wild not captive dolphins and brought forth their findings to the public.

And when you say ‘our’ dolphins’ (I will assume you mean as in belonging to Cayman), answer one question.

If those same dolphins were to be let loose into the ocean, would they come back? They belong to Cayman no more than they belong to the owners of the park. They may be responsible for them but they do not own them.

Catharine Hetley