Newest stamps bear Silver Thatch Palm

The Silver Thatch Palm, a species of palm found only in these islands, will be featured on the Cayman Islands Cultural Series Part II stamp issue, to be released 28 January.

cultural stamp

Cayman Islands Cultural Series Part II stamp issue featuring the Silver Thatch. Photo: Submitted

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow, said: “We take great pride in it and believe that it’s something that local residents and collectors alike will appreciate.’

Silver Thatch was twisted into rope, used to make brooms, and woven into hats, mats, fans and provision baskets.

Part II of the cultural series is a se-tenant issue, this term describes two or more stamps which are connected but are of different design, with all values being set at the local postal rate of 25 cents.

The first stamp on the strip of five depicts the Silver Thatch palm and the top, or the newest unopened leaf, which was used for making rope.

The second and third stamps depict the rope making process.

The fourth stamp illustrates the many types of products that were made from the thatch and depicts the plaiting process.

The final stamp in the series shows a wattle and daub cabin-style traditional home with a roof made from the thatch.

The first day cover focuses on how the community transported Silver Thatch material.

‘This stamp captures and showcases the cultural significance of our silver thatch palm to the local and international community,’ said Minister of Communications, Works and Infrastructure, Arden McLean.

‘I hope every resident will strive to add this bit of history to their collection.’

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