Youths must gather, register

We would like to invite the public to come out to the steps of the Legislative Assembly Building at 3.45pm Saturday to show your support for voter registration.

The outlook and objective for this rally is to encourage, inspire and challenge the people of Cayman to take an hour or so out of their day to come together and show the importance of being a proud registered voter. Come out and see how powerful your presence can be. Only imagine how powerful your voice is by simply registering to vote.

This will hopefully be a successful testimony and opportunity for us to be an example of how a united voice that undeniably says that we, in particular the youth of our beloved Cayman Islands are ready to be recognized as the faces and voice of positive change in Cayman.

We, the youth of Cayman, have such a unique and blessed opportunity to not only be a part of changing the way we view politics. It’s as if we don’t acknowledge the value of our contribution can be in regards to who will be elected to make the important decisions in these fragile times regarding improving the various issues that affect us all. Issues such as the constitution, economic, education, tourism, health, real estate and definitely immigration outlook in Cayman are all important.

We may all agree that change is inevitable. Many will also agree that there has been a certain level of discouragement regarding the fact that the average age of registered voters is 45 years. This means we have no voice at the moment. We act surprised and ask why. Simple answer is no communication or education on how we can contribute in a positive way together; no emphasis on the development of sports, culture and creative art programmes, which is undeniably the only true outlet for the youth to express themselves.

Yet we are quick to gather and complain, even when we haven’t tried to do anything about it, until now.

They’re really hasn’t been much of an effort to get the opinions and outlooks of the younger generation in the past on the same issues that affect us. We can’t just hope they will listen to us one day. Today, we can be the change we need for tomorrow by insisting that our collective voice is heard; simply by registering to vote being the first step.

We commend you if you are already registered.

However, the truth is that it will take a collective effort. We trust that you will come out and bring some friends to join us in this initiative. We will ensure that not only will we be heard; they will listen to us, by holding them accountable now that they have our attention. We will ensure our voice will be utilised to improve athletic, creative and cultural outlets and opportunities for the many talented within Cayman. We need to stop acting like we don’t care and that we can’t do anything about it when we can.

We will also have an open mic session where the public is open to express their concerns or endorsement in encouraging young people to get registered. The elections office will be providing sodas and refreshments. We will have a very special treat from a couple of Cayman’s talented young artist.

Luigi Moxam

Executive designer

One 345 Ltd.