Super Bowl’s prettiest party

The Cayman Islands Flag Football Association and the Treasure Island lobby bar have worked together to put on some of the best Super Bowl parties in recent memory.

This year will be no different. As a non-profit organization, CIFFA uses monies from fund raisers such as these to support the operation of the league as well as to assist the Cayman Islands National Flag Football team with the costs associated with travelling to compete in the Flag Football World Cup.

This year’s festivities will start at 2pm on Sunday at Treasure Island with the official One 345 Super Bowl pre-party featuring a Madden NFL football XBox tournament and One 345 fashion show. The match starts at 6pm.

Lisa Lee Productions Bikini Bomb Squad girls will be dressed to impress while serving jell-o shooters and hosting various games and skills competitions for the fans.

There are tons of prizes to be raffled off while the bar will have drink specials all day into the night.

Treasure Island’s big screen setup is ample enough for everyone to see the game but if you want the comforts of home while still being able to enjoy the electricity of watching the big game with a couple of hundred of your closest friends, there is VIP seating available.

For $20 a person, you and four of your friends can sit right up front on the cushioned seats with your own dedicated server.

Todd Hazlewood, president of CIFFA, said: ‘This is a great venue for people to come out to watch the Super Bowl. Treasure Island is wide open but covered in case of rain, the big screen is easy for everyone to see and the bar is easy to get to. Even if you aren’t a big American football fan, it’s a great event to watch, even the commercials are good!’

Lisa Lee said: ‘Don’t miss this party. The ladies will be outside Treasure Island lobby bar with banners enticing the crowds to the event. Come early for jello shots, drinking games and lots more prizes and surprises.’