Stars and Storm taste defeat

Local netball saw plenty of action last week.

In division one Rawlinson and Hunter beat down Rising Stars 41-29 while Storm Quick Cash B fell to John Gray Mixed by a score of 29-22.

Both matches took place last Thursday on the netball courts at Truman Bodden Sports Complex from 6:30pm onwards.

Sophia Foster and Molly-Ann Moore were the umpires for the games.

The matches were part of the Cayman Islands Netball Association Senior Women’s League.

Rawlinson and Hunter took the game over from the get-go, fielding a stout and sharp-shooting offense.

In the first quarter R and H would post 12 points while Rising Stars could manage only six.

Much of the Rand H offense came from the combination of Goal Shooter Melanie Lewis, Goal Attack Catherine Anderson and Wing Attack Karen Clark.

All three kept their hands active, got in good positions to receive passes and showed good shot selection.

Meanwhile the RS offense would sputter under Goal Shooter Melissa Rankine, Goal Attack Marcia Moiten and Wing Attack Tricia Skyers-Palacio.

In most cases it was not a case of missing shots or not hustling but rather not getting enough touches or scoring chances.

The second quarter would see more of the same as R and H netted nine points while RS grabbed five points.

The R and H defense looked at its best with Goal Keeper Alisha Combs, Goal Defense Tatiana Bush and Wing Defense Emma Santiago stifling every pass and making shots a chore.

The second half would see an explosion of offense. In the third quarter R and H grabbed 14 points to six from RS. In the fourth quarter RS would answer with 12 points while R and H had just six.

With the point totals fluttering up and down on both sides there would emerge two constants.

For one both centres shined. For R and H Alicia Dixon had her hands on almost every pass and her vision and decision-making led to many chances on goal. For RS Wendy Fisher never stopped working and hustled on every play at mid-court and beyond.

The other constant was that both defenses seemed tired. It was only a matter time really before the RS trio of WD Nordia Ricketts, GD Rosemarie Wilson and GK Fenline Powell would be exhausted. The constant pressure from the attacking players would take its toil on them though to their credit they stayed focused.

For R and H the cracks in the armour would come in the final quarter. But with the game well in hand that fact would not make much of a difference.

A key advantage for R and H throughout the game was the availability of fresh legs. Keisha Anglin, Nadine Brown and Delisia Ebanks were among the subs available for the yellow and green.

Meanwhile RS played with virtually no subs and fielded tired players up and down the court from the start of the second half.

With the win R and H are in the running for third place in the division. Meanwhile RS are near the bottom of the division.

The Storm-JG game was a much tighter affair where points came at a premium.

The first quarter would show JG get off to a fast start with nine points while limiting Storm to three.

For JG much of the scoring came from GS Martika Williams and GA Jahzenia Thomas.

However the second quarter would see the tables turn with Storm nabbing six points while JG had four points.

The tried and true trio of GS Hillary Burton, GA Geraldeen Smith and WA Delisia Gourzong would come through for Storm.

The third quarter would be tight and see an offensive explosion of sorts as Storm had eight points while JG had seven.

The Storm defense of GK Jolene Barnes, GD Atoinette Eccleston and WD Sandy Burrows would keep the squad in it.

In addition Centre Tajae Grey would do her part to make possessions count with solid passes. Grey would get plenty of help down the stretch in that regard from subs Chloe Hill, Mukache Smith and Racquel Brown.

However JG would put the game away in the fourth quarter netting nine points while keeping Storm to just five.

The defense would shine and the trio of GK Courtisha Ebanks, GD Janeka Ebanks and WD Sheynae Watson would be at the heart of things.

They would get help deflecting passes, getting loose balls and harassing Storm players from Centre Merang Eden and a host of subs including Chanel Watts, Felicia McFarlane and Janee Welcome.

With the win JG Mixed are looking to continue their climb up the standings while Storm are holding on near the top.

A make-up game also took place last Wednesday. In division two action, John Gray Mixed [led by a strong second-half showing from attacking players Martika Williams, Jahzenia Thomas and Chane Watts] beat Maples and Calder 22-15.

JG would score just six points in the first half before letting loose eight points in each of the last two quarters.

Meanwhile Maples would net 10 points in the first half before crumbling to just five in the entire second half of play.

Local netball continues forward this week with a host of other games.

Tonight sees four teams in action from 6pm. Storm A battles Rising Stars A in division one while Rising Stars B fights Maples and Calder in division two.

Saturday will see a pair of games on at Truman. All Stars takes on Roma in a battle for second place in division one while John Gray Mixed battles Bodden Town Eclipzers B in a key match-up in division two.