Carter eyes Elite title

Top male player for 2008-2009 and National representative Renee Carter, who has been transferred from Scholars International to Elite FC, feels positive about his new club winning the Digicel Knock-Out title on Ash Wednesday February 25.

Carter, whose birth place is Honduras, is renowned for his attacking plays on the left side of the football pitch and has scored some spectacular goals in close games.

He started his football career at the tender age of six and was an outstanding youth player during his school boy days at the Jose Cecilio Del Valle school and played Senior League games for Club Isaias de la Bahia Guanaja in Honduras as well before migrating to the Cayman Islands.

Carter has reserved a place in the hearts of football lovers on the island and won the Most Valuable Player awards for 2006-2007 in the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) FA Cup competition. He also took the top honors as the top player in 2008-2009 National League awards.

Football is the first love for the twenty one year-old Carter, who is a soft spoken and easy-going guy.

He is one of the most disciplined players on the national team and has plans to go very far with this game he loves so well.

Carter says he is proud to put on the national jersey pointing out how honourable he feels playing for the Cayman Islands.

‘It is an honour for me to represent the Cayman Islands National team. When I put on the national team outfit I play with pride and represent the island and my family with a calibre of decorum I cannot explain.’

‘This has been the highest part of my football career so far. I love Scholars International but left because I wanted to have the experience of playing for other teams on the island.’

‘I choose Elite because I have played alongside most of these players over the years in Under 17 games and I know them well. I feel Elite has improved a lot and the effort that the coaching staff has made in the training of these players is really showing now.’

‘I really appreciate Elite FC it is an outstanding club and the attitude of the team replicates incredible maturity and the discipline is remarkable, I love that atmosphere.’

Carter made specific mention of the sponsors that have come on board with the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) pointing out that Digicel has been doing a good job at the club level and with the national team as well.

‘Basically, I think CIFA has been doing a great job in developing football on the island. Jeffrey Webb is doing an excellent job as president of the association. I have seen a significant improvement in the standard of football played on the island over the past three years.’

‘Coach Carl Brown (Technical Director for the national program) has taught me a lot of techniques in playing football since his arrival here on the island in 2007 and football has improved as attitude and application to training is executed in a professional manner.’

‘Coach Brown means a lot to not only me but to all the players he has come in contact with he is like a father to us. Coach Gregg Ebanks means a lot to me and I also consider him a father figure to me as well.’

With regards to the Digicel Knock-Out finals between Elite and Scholars International Carter said he expects a tough game but Elite would be coming out to do their best to win the title.

‘I just want to thank my coaching staff with special mention of Coach Gregg Ebanks, Martha Godet and Julisa Barnes they have really done a good job with the team and I am going to be part of the team that make them proud on Ash Wednesday when we win the Digicel Knock-Out title.’