Elite meets Scholars in Premier League

Elite FC and Scholars International FC face off at the Ed Bush Stadium this Sunday at 7:00pm as the battle continues for supremacy at the top of the league tables in the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) Premier League competition.

Sunset will do battle with George Town at the TE McField Annex in George Town at 7:00pm while Roma takes on Latinos in the race out of the relegation zone at 5:00pm.

Elite will have to win to stay on top as they lead with just two points ahead of Sunset. If Sunset wins and Elite draw they will be locked at the top with twenty-three points.

These games will be tough as all three teams tussle for the top place in this interesting competition this weekend.

In the other game scheduled to be played at the Ed Bush Stadium as well Future SC meets a re-energized Tigers FC.

Elite is on top with twenty-two points followed by Sunset with twenty, Scholars International on nineteen, George Town on eighteen, Future on eleven, Latinos on nine, Roma on six and Tigers on five.

These games are getting more interesting as the competition gets hotter. The game between Tigers and Future could be very nail-biting as both teams battle to stay out of the relegation zone.

Roma defeated George Town 1-0 recently and Tigers took Elite by surprise fighting them desperately to end their game 2-2. Both teams showed good form and are slowly improving.

Tigers would get a boost as their ace forward Carlos Powery has returned and is scoring goals but Roma, who has improved in ball possession and ball distribution, needs to start finding the back of the net.

If Roma improves and start scoring goals and Tiger FC keep up their momentum their results could be upsets. Certainly these games are going to be thrilling.

Overall it will be a football treat as usual for fans. Please come out to support your favourite teams and enjoy the afternoon at whichever venue you prefer.

For more contact the CIFA office at 949-5775 or email [email protected] or log on to www.caymanfootball.ky