Patrick roars

A local race meet saw many drivers come out and roast Breakers Speedway.

Some 25 racers competed across five divisions last Sunday 1 February.

In the end five men came away with victory.

Jason Lee, in his black Nissan Pulsar, would win the nine second class. His best time was 9.090s.

Dave Thompson Jr would win the eight second class and his best time was 8.129s.

Jody Jervis would power his Nissan Skyline to the seven second class win with a best time of 7.078s.

Patrick Campbell grabbed the six second class in his black Nissan Skyline with his best time being 6.913s.

Humberto Rives would win the bike division in his red Suzuki Hayabusa. His best time of 6.290s doubled as the best time on the day.

No one could get their ride to a time of 5.999 seconds or lower. That would leave the US $1000 cash prize awarded for reaching that mark up for grabs until the next event.

At press time the next event is slated to take place on 1 March at Breakers Speedway. Like this month, that meet is slated to feature local drivers.