Correcting Net News error

This is in reference to the article, ‘Witness vows not to return,’ dated Tuesday, 3 February, 2009, in the Caymanian Compass.

This article attributed to a Cayman Net News editorial a statement to the effect that Mr. John Evans, former Net News employee, ‘was an acknowledged liar according to the Chief Justice….’

This is to make it clear that Chief Justice Anthony Smellie made no such statement or implication at any time in any judgement or in any other communication.

This error did not originate with the Compass, which was reporting what was previously published by Net News. However, it is important for the public to be aware that the Net News report as articulated by the Compass in the instance to which this letter refers is entirely inaccurate. Any future replication of that Net News report should therefore reflect this correction.

E. Patricia Ebanks

Court press officer

Editor’s note:The Net News editorial which Mrs. Ebanks refers to was quoted verbatim in the 3 February Compass story. There should be no distinction made that this is a Net News report ‘as articulated by the Compass.’ The 3 February story detailed a Crown witness’s stated reasons for not wanting to return to Cayman to give testimony, among them reports in the Net News that made statements the witness has claimed were untrue and potentially libellous. We publish this letter out of respect for the Chief Justice, who indeed, made no such comments during his 4 April, 2008 judgment regarding the denial of search warrants for the UK Met investigating team. We hope His Honour will pursue similar remedies to correct the error made by the Net News as vigorously as he has this matter.