Cayman miss world cup win

Last weekend Cayman nearly removed all doubt it was the best at five-a-side football.

John Kelly

John Kelly defended well for Cayman. Photo: Matthew Yates

The Cayman squad lost to Honduras 1-0 in the final last Sunday. Local footballer Calvin Jefford grabbed the winning goal for the Hondurans.

The teams were competing in the Cayman World Cup five-a-side tournament held on the WestTel Arena at Kings Sports Centre.

In all there were 10 nations represented: Cayman, Jamaica, India, Ireland, Costa Rica, Honduras, England, Canada, Scotland and Africa.

Teams consisted of Cayman residents. In most cases the players on those teams have played five-a-side football in the past.

The Cayman side did well leading up to the finals. The team easily won its group, going undefeated.

From there the side beat Scotland (2-0) and Jamaica (1-0) before losing in the finals.

All in all Cayman showed sound fundamental football in their matches. The passing was controlled, the defending was tight and the shots were planned and forcefully driven.

Moreover Cayman walked away with the most goals scored in the competition (18) and its top goal-scorer (Statan Clark, who slotted home seven).

The Cayman side consisted of Mario Dinnal (goal-keeper), Randy Merren, Lee Ramoon, Junior Fisher, Antwan Seymour, Ian Lindo, Justin Pierre, Theron Wood, Statan Clarke, Thomas Wood, Owen Dinnal, John Kelly, Dion Brandon, Garth Anderson and Jedd Ebanks.