Spanish Rivals Latinos and Tigers face off

Spanish-speaking teams Tigers and Latinos face off this Sunday as action continues in the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) Premier League competition at the TE McField Annex Play field in George Town at 7:00pm.

These two teams, known for their swift passes on the ball and their desperate way of playing to win, will be more than a treat to the dedicated and passionate spectators who support them as well as persons who just appreciate good football.

Both teams, fresh from winning their games last weekend, will be demonstrating Spanish football tactics at the highest level as they vie for a win.

Carlos Powery netted a hat-trick against Future SC last week and scored two goals against Sunset the week before. Obviously he has found back his form and place in the team since his return to the camp.

Kirk ‘Busy Signal’ Rowe and Everton Parker will join forces with Powery as the attacking unit getting in the way of the Latinos squad.

Tigers have had two wins and two draws since the start of the season. They have experienced a long losing streak and have progressed since the last three games drawing with top of the table team Elite, struggled to loose against Sunset and beating Future SC 4-3.

Clearly this team is not prepared to stay in the regulation zone and have taken a different approach to their game recently. They are on eight points and in seventh position on the league tables.

According to Walter Hernandez Player/Coach of Tigers, ‘It will be a very intense game as both teams are looking to earn the points to keep the momentum going. Both teams have a rivalry making the game a true football classic. We will go to win and give our hearts all out.’

Latinos on the other hand are on twelve points in the league standings and have displayed an average performance since the start of the season.

The prolific Allean Grant, who netted the goal that lifted the Cayman national team last year during the road to the South Africa World Cup, will join forces with Victor Chicas and Jose Luis Bush in attack.

These players will be the danger players as they are extremely creative and could find the back of Tigers net if given the space.

Goalkeeper Marlon Moore was substituted for the first time, coming off the bench as a striker, after consultation with the coach to play out. He scored a goal against Roma last Sunday and can be dangerous against Tigers.

Latinos team secretary Sandra McLaughlin went on to point out that Tigers and Latinos are like rivals with both teams trying hard to prove against each other every time they meet.

‘This game will be tough and filled with excitement. It will be extremely competitive as we play similar football we are like rivals and neither team wants to loose. I think Tigers play at their best when they play us. This game will be very tight and fast moving,’ McLaughlin pointed out.

It will be central defender Mitchell Grant in defense who will have the task on his hands to keep the Tigers from preying on his team.

In other action at the Annex Sunset faces Roma at 5:00pm. Sunset is in second position with twenty points and would like to get a win and maintain their position after losing to George Town 2-1 last weekend.

Roma has taken up the last spot in the league tables with six points. However they are not expected to lay down dead and have Sunset walk all over them.

The problem with Roma is they need to start scoring goals as they have wasted basically all their chances at goal. They cannot find the back of the net and that has been their downfall.

Who knows, they might do the opposite this Sunday and surprise Sunset.

According to the updated league standings Elite are on twenty-five points. The side is clearly ahead of Sunset who has twenty, rivals Scholars and George Town are locked on nineteen points, Latinos moved up to twelve, Future on eleven, Tigers leapt up to eight points and Roma has dropped back to the bottom with six points.

For more on the CIFA competitions contact the CIFA office at 949-5775 or email [email protected].