Set example for co-existence

The results of a tight economy are made worse by a tightening of ourselves.

By that I mean it becomes evident when we no longer look to our higher selves, but instead spend our energies in ways that don’t take into account our place in a much broader picture; that being the welfare of our fellow human beings and fellow creatures on the planet.

The dolphin controversy is an example.

On the one hand, the evidence is overwhelming that keeping them in captivity does them absolutely no good. I won’t go into the details.

On the other, the defence is economics and job creation. This can be taken further in a similar way by examining the exploitation of people and the balance of economics that creates these situations.

Cayman is in a wonderful place because it can examine the existing structures of these same economics through the eyes of a culture steeped in a strong religious belief.

The Golden Rule as written in the Bible applies to all of what we do, regardless of our personal religion.

I wouldn’t want the place that I lived in and became fond of to begin ignoring it because of tough economic times. That would be a tragedy both for myself and a wonderful island. Therefore, I ask that all decisions take into account this very basic rule.

By doing so Cayman doesn’t have to go the way of so much of the world.

And can set an example for peaceful co-existence. Not without controversy, but by seeking our higher selves continually. And regardless of where the rest of the civilized world wants to go. Because we can all see where it leads.

Allan Creasey