BT get double whammy

Bodden Town had a rough year in local netball.

The BT Eclipzers side has teams in division one (the A side) and two (the B squad) in the Cayman Islands Netball Association Senior women’s league.

Both squads finished at the bottom of their respective divisions with one even failing to nab a win.

Their playoff games last Thursday at the netball courts at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex were supposed to be a shot at redemption but that would reap disappointment too.

The A team were blown away by Rising Stars A 41-23. Sophia Foster and Mrs. Golden-South served as the umpires.

The game was almost a foregone conclusion by half-time with RS posting 18 points (eight in the first quarter and 10 in the second) while BT managed 10 (two and eight points respectively).

The second half would see RS put their stamp on the game as they posted 10 points in the third quarter and 13 in the fourth.

Meanwhile the BT side scored eight points in the third and a mere five in the final quarter.

But to BT’s credit, it was not clear who the winner would be judging by the hustle on the court. Both sides never stopped working and in BT’s case never stopped passing no matter how much pressure the defense put on passers.

For BT players like GS Janice Morrison, WA Inia Ricketts and C Keniesha Morris kept active as they got their hands on almost ever BT possession.

The defense, which eventually was tired and over-run in the second half, stayed composed for the most part. Players like WD Carolee Bolton, GD Tetayne Brown and GK Marcia Robinson showed great determination.

Meanwhile it was not an easy night for BT’s Dion Smith at GS because every basket was contested and required phenomenal effort to make the shots she did.

A lot of her troubles came from RS defense that swarmed her and gave her little breathing room. The defensive trio of GK Rosemarie Wilson, GD Wendy Fisher and WD Jessica Anderson really showed their worth on the night.

The defense though was a mere extension of the rest of the team as RS simply played like they had something to prove.

The hustle seen from C Evelyn Rich and the band of subs in Tricia Skyers Palacio, Sharon Woodman and Fentine Powell was remarkable. They showed great footwork and did not give up on plays.

The real gem for RS on the night would be its offense with its array of good shots and solid passes. WA Renee Lindo, GA Marcia Moiten and GS Nardia Ricketts stepped up in a big way and put together an offensive onslaught rarely seen from the side.

With the win RS secures their fifth place standing and keeps their place in division one. Meanwhile BT A was relegated to division two with the loss.

In the division two game BT would fare much better against Unity though the result would be the same.

Both BT B and Unity matched each other point for point and defensively they were determined not to move an inch.

In fact the first half would end in a stalemate. The teams scored four apiece in the first quarter before netting only seven each in the second.

Unity’s defensive line-up of GK Oneisa Allison-Mitchell, GD Natalee Shaw and WD Christina Blair had their hands full but did their jobs well.

That trio kept the likes of GS Jillinda Frederick, GA Tovina Gilpin and WA Sharon Brown in check and flustered many shots.

In the second half though the Unity offense would come to life and blow way a BT defense that never stopped trying but was evidently exhausted.

Behind the likes of WA Ashley Ebanks, GA Marlene Powis and GS Judith Adams Unity pushed across 11 points in the third quarter before scoring five in the fourth.

The last quarter showed Unity’s offensive outburst was temporary but C Elisa Mignot and subs Christine Grant and Juliet Mullings steadied the side to victory.

Meanwhile BT defensive players WD Renaino Smelling and GK Kimberly Connolly, along with C Chrisann May, could only put their heads down after failing to keep the Unity scoring in check.

With the win Unity are officially fifth in division two while BT B are at the bottom in sixth.

A pair of games was also played last Saturday as Butlers All-Stars battled Roma in division one while Storm Quik Cash B took on Maples and Calder.