UBS volunteers organise beach clean up

Last weekend, 25 volunteers from UBS’s Fund Services office grouped together to organize a beach cleanup on the East End of the Island. The beach chosen by the group is around 300 yards long, and located about half a mile south of the Morritts Tortuga Club and Resort.

UBS beach clean up

UBS beach clean up 2: A group of UBS employees were on hand to clean up a 300 yard stretch of beach in East End last weekend. Photo: submitted

Organizers Arlene Whittaker, Jon Marsh and Damion Arenas wanted to bring together colleagues to help the community in Grand Cayman.

‘We wanted to pick a beach that is used by the local community and tourists alike but is in need of beautification. This seemed like the perfect choice,’ said Ms Whittaker.

‘At UBS, we have a strong commitment to supporting both our local communities and the environment, and it was amazing to see how many colleagues willingly gave up their weekend time to help out.’

The volunteers dedicated three hours to the clean-up, filling more than fifty bags with trash and debris from the waterline to the road. The trash included beer bottles, food wrappings, shoes, and even a rusty 55 gallon drum.

‘It was sad to see the state that the beach had got into,’ commented Mr. Arenas.

‘We wanted to make sure that the beaches in Cayman stay as beautiful as possible, especially the beaches that sometimes seem forgotten, like this one.’

Mr. Marsh added: ‘It was a wonderful event for both developing team camaraderie and doing something worthwhile, and I hope that people are encouraged to keep the beach in its present state by making sure they take home their trash.’

UBS beach clean up 1: Jason Perras and Paulman Hui were among the 25 volunteers from UBS who helped clean up a stretch of beach in East End last weekend.