Killa: WBC would have cleared fight

Charles ‘The Killa’ Whittaker insists that his world title fight would have gone ahead because the World Boxing Council would not have blocked it.

Although the sanction had not been formally approved, it was not a stumbling block to him challenging WBC light-middleweight champion Vernon ‘The Viper’ Forrest in the Cayman Islands in April.

The fight was not sealed because the Cayman Islands Government was not prepared to underwrite the US$1.85 million cost of the promotion.

Minister of Sport Alden McLauglin said: ‘Even if the fight had been sanctioned we would not have gone ahead with the show purely for financial reasons.’

Whittaker said: ‘My bout with Forrest was a voluntary fight for him and not a mandatory and the WBC would not have stopped it. It just never got to that stage. If the deal had been done, then they would have sanctioned it.

‘Forrest has a mandatory against Sergio Martinez and I think it was Martinez’s people who put the story out on the net to sabotage my chance. If I had fought Forrest and won then Martinez may not have got his shot.’

When I met fight promoter Gary Shaw at the Westin Hotel a month ago, he was certain that he would get approval from the WBC and it would not be an issue, otherwise he would not have made the trip here in the first place.

‘The fight between Charles and Forrest will definitely go ahead if we can make a deal,’ he said then.

Shaw had lined up Showtime TV and the sanction fee would have been just another promotional expense.

Whittaker, 35, has changed his mind about retiring and is determined to continue.

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