Proud day

Passage of the referendum motion in the Legislative Assembly on Monday 23 February made history in more ways than one.

We are not there yet, but I am proud that we have reached this far with the modernisation of our constitution and with the idea that we, the voters should have the final say.

This is something many of us have been working toward for many years. I salute those of us who helped to organised the People for Referendum Petition in 2002, who signed the petition; who walked in the hot, boiling sun from the public library to the Glass House in order to present the petition to the government of the day; who did not give up even after our petition was ignored and the referendum motion was not even allowed to be tabled in the Legislative Assembly; who were declared strangers in the house and were evicted from our own parliament and last but not least, I thank the Government that was elected in May 2005 that has worked hard for us in this and many other areas.

I would like to thank all individuals, groups and parties for their work in getting us a draft of a modernised constitution. Let us also give credit where credit is due, it is a fact that without the Peoples Progressive Movement to lead the way, we would not be having a referendum in May.

For all of us who are on the voters’ list, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to fulfil our part in history by making sure we have the information needed to make well informed decisions. Then cast our votes in the referendum and elections on 20 May, 2009. Please don’t take our democratic rights for granted.

May God bless you and may God bless the Cayman Islands and may we have the wisdom to make the right choices.

Gene Banks

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