Humane Society scores big

The Field of Dreams was packed for the Humane Society Kickball tournament, organized by the Sunset Football Club recently.

With 22 teams registered, thousands in prizes donated, over 300 players and volunteers in attendance and the smell of BBQ in the air, there would be no better words to describe this event other than ‘a complete success.’

That would come through clear with the total amount of money raised.

With donations coming from personal and corporate contributions a total of over CI$12,500 was raised with just over CI$5,500 going to the Humane Society. One of the many corporate sponsors was Cayman Free Press.

‘After setting a benchmark at the last event of $6,500 raised and realizing our potential for this event, we decided that this time around our goal from the outset was to raise a total of $10000,’ said chief organiser Patrick Bourque from DHL.

‘To hit the target is one thing, but to shatter it like we did is truly amazing and we owe everyone our gratitude. Everyone involved, from top to bottom, helped make this the success it was.’

Planning for the event wasn’t an easy task but it wasn’t impossible explains co-organizer Wanda Brenton.

‘Well, we had our share of setbacks. We started planning for this about three months before and had time on our side, which was a huge benefit.

‘Originally we planned on holding the event a few weeks prior, however it coincided with other on-island events and holidays so we decided to push it back.

‘It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it definitely worked out for the best in the end. We were also very fortunate to have so many great volunteers to help collect prizes for our raffle, scheduling, serve drinks and food, sell tickets, referee games, etc.

‘Our organizing committee and the Sunset women’s team worked very hard to gather over $10,000 in prizes for our raffle from over 60 generous local businesses, which went a long way in fund-raising what we did. It wasn’t easy and we are very proud for what we accomplished.’

One person who couldn’t be happier is Cayman Islands Humane Society President, Carolyn Parker.

‘I am so happy and thankful for the effort and dedication in putting this event together,’ she said.

‘It is so heart-warming to know that there are others that share your enthusiasm for helping the animals of Cayman and to see that enthusiasm put into practice through an event like this is really something special for me.

‘This money will go a long way in helping our cause and helping repair and improve our shelter for these unfortunate animals. It will also enable us to work on finding a home for them as well.

‘We have so much that we need to do and this donation will allow us to do what needs to be done. I have my work cut out for me now.’

When asked if the kickball tournament will be an annual event, Bourque had an emphatic response.

‘I’m not sure about the longevity of the event and if it can be made to be annual but we will do this again, be sure of that! With a benchmark now set, many are intrigued to see how well this organizing committee will do next year.

‘There will always be a need for the money, so we will keep doing what we can to raise it.’

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