Ag Show winners announced

The winners from the 42nd Annual Agricultural Show were recently announced.

William Chisholm won the Minister’s Award for Most Outstanding Farmer of the Year, Livestock Farmer of the Year, Grand Champion Bull and Champion Bull Calf.

George and Miguel Smith won Livestock Farmer of the Year Runner-up, Most-Improved Livestock Farmer, Champion Exhibitor (Livestock Farmer), Grand Champion Cow, Champion Heifer Calf and Champion Exhibitor (Cattle).

Kent Rankine won grand Champion Buck, Grand Champion Porker, Champion Exhibitor (Pigs) and was the 3rd place Livestock Exhibitor.

William Ebanks won Crop Farmer of the Year while Harvey Stephenson was the runner-up.

Joel Walton won Most Improved Crop Farmer.

Earnest McFarlane won Grand Champion Doe, Best Doe with Kids, Champion Exhibitor (Goats) and earned 2nd place as a Livestock Exhibitor.

Lloyd Ramoon won Grand Champion Poultry (Cock) and Champion Exhibitor (Poultry).

Clifford Powery won Grand Champion Boar.

Bodden Town earned 1st place for the district stalls, and East End and George Town followed in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

The Lighthouse School was the top competitor in the Primary schools Grow Box Competition and was also awarded for the Most Consistent Schools Agricultural Programme.

Alternative Education won 1st place in the High School Grow Box Competition while George Hicks followed in 2nd place.

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