Kids flock to flag

As last weekend showed, local kids are into flag football in a big way.

In excess of 60 kids came out to the Camana Bay Sports Field to mark the first weekend of The Security Centre Youth Flag Football League.

The league, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association, It caters to boys and girls aged 8-14.

The league is slated to run until 24 April. The first two weeks will serve as an introduction to the sport before games get going the rest of the way.

The kids participated in a variety of drills last Saturday from 1pm until 4pm. The drills focused on basic skills such as passing, receiving and footwork.

For the most part the kids did well in the drills and showed a good understanding of the basics. In spite of their youth – all were between the ages of eight and 14 – they focused well and tried hard.

Their passion for American football was undeniable as many came out donned in jerseys from various NFL teams and were eager to get their hands on the ball.

A plethora of notable faces in flag football were on hand to help coach the youngsters including Alex Angel, Jon Pump and Jamal Young.

In addition most of the chief league organizers were out to lend a hand coaching including Kyle Broadhurst, Chris Moser and Carlo Ylagan.

At this point league organizers are optimistic about the league taking off. As chief organizer Broadhurst states the interest has been huge.

‘Enough kids have shown interest for three divisions to be set up (junior, sophomore and senior) when play begins.

‘In fact we might expand to 10 teams (instead of the original eight).’

The start of the youth league comes a week after a free one day youth camp put on by CIFFA in association with One 345 Designs.

The 21 February camp was basically a ‘fun day’ that offered basic instruction on flag football. It highlighted by the presence of NFL player Martellus Bennett, a tight-end with the Dallas Cowboys.

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