HRC represents us all

I have been listening to the talk shows and reading the newspaper with interest lately as the draft Constitution has been debated.

First of all, I wish to thank the members of the Human Rights Committee who sacrifice time and energy for this extremely important cause. The view has been expressed that this committee does not really represent any group of people. I beg to differ. The HRC does represent the people of the Cayman Islands. These persons represent those of us who feel we were not represented by the other groups present at the negotiations; those of us who take issue with the government for thinking we’re not ready and assuming that the majority are in agreement with them; those of us who do not want to settle for half a loaf; those of us who feel we should have a choice in this and who feel that everyone is entitled to basic human rights. Most importantly, they represent the voiceless in our society today as well as for generations to come. After listening and reading many comments, it seems to me that the real issue at hand is the fact that this country is so homophobic that we seem to be willing to sacrifice rights for elderly, children, disabled, – everyone – simply because we are afraid that gays and lesbians may gain some rights, too. I believe that the right thing to do is to include the two alternative versions of Section 16 of the draft Constitution and let us choose for ourselves.

Laura A. Ebanks

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