Ladies want more hoop dreams

Women’s basketball would love to get more games next year.


Dionne Anglin was one of the stars of the league.

As National Women’s Coach Redver Ebanks states, the women could do with five extra games.

‘Next year we [at the Cayman Islands Basketball Association] can look at the schedule differently and possibly give more games to the women in the regular season.

‘Right now I would love for the women get 16 games a season and build up to the amount of games the men play.’

This year’s CIBA national women’s basketball league ended two Sundays ago on 1 March.

In the championship game at the CIBA court in George Town frontrunners and unbeaten squad Storm Quik Cash took down defending champions Dominos Lady Heels 58-48.

Merta Day of Storm was MVP of the game with 22 points, nine steals and five rebounds. Lavern Ebanks chipped in a double-double performance with 15 points and 11 rebounds.

Dominos had solid performances of their own. Dionne Anglin posted 15 points, 20 rebounds, five blocks and four steals. Benecia Thompson added 19 points, 16 rebounds and five steals.

Eight games were played in the regular season and three more took place in the playoffs.

In addition a new three game Women’s Cup competition is currently ongoing.

It began last Sunday 8 March with a pair of games and is slated to continue the rest of this week with another game tonight and the final match going off this Sunday 15 March.

Four of the five teams from the league are competing in Silver Bullets, Welly’s Cool Spot, Esso Blazettes and Dominos Lady Heels.

Storm were unable to compete due to clashing netball commitments.

For Ebanks those added games are a nice touch but down the road he hopes more teams and more games come onboard.

‘The Women’s Cup is something new. We wanted to give the women more games. Thus they get three extra games on the season.

‘But women play 25-30 games in the US. In Cayman there’s not enough infrastructure to allow that level of games.

‘My short-term goal in the next five years is to have seven to eight teams in the women’s league.’

Ebanks was intimately involved in this year’s league as he served as head coach of the Welly’s squad.

Ebanks, who normally works with Silver Bullets sides, coached Welly’s as it served as the team for the girls involved in his Women of Valour program.

Ebanks talked about how his team did during the season.

‘Welly’s was a really young team that relied on its youth, strong shooting and speed. If there was no breeze there was a possibility we could beat any team. Basically if Letanya Thompson and Felecia Connor shot well it could have been a long night for any team.’

Going forward, Ebanks hopes the league can catapult the status of Cayman women’s basketball.

‘My long-term goals are to get more female players into college and have a team to compete with other teams in the Caribbean Basketball Championships and the Central America Championships.

‘In the next 10 years, if we have more local teams, I see us being competitive in the Caribbean.’

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