Maples remain without fault

In intense competition it’s hard for anyone to be without a blemish.

Yet through six weeks of co-ed softball no one has been able to tarnish the Maples Sluggers.

The Sluggers are one of 22 teams competing in the Cayman Islands Little League Winter Adult Co-Ed Softball League.

In the last game the Sluggers played last Tuesday they handily beat league rivals PWC Experience 18-4.

With that result Maples move to 5-0 and are the lone unbeaten team left in the entire league.

In addition the Sluggers are three games clear of PWC (4-2) in the Banana Orchid division of the Barracuda League.

A quartet of squads is playing catch-up from there in CML Hammerheads, KPMG Bounty Hunters, Senor Frogs and the Fluor Sweepers.

Maples have been sound on both sides of the ball. They’ve scored 98 runs [second-most in the B league] while allowing 40 runs [tied for fewest in the B league].

The Maples-PWC game was just one of 13 matches played in week six, which ended last Thursday.

The action started on Sunday as Vivendi Cabaret beat the KPMG Bounty Hunters 7-0 while Doghouse Glovernauts whipped the Citi Insomniacs 15-9.

On Monday Julius Baer clobbered PWC Scorpions 17-2, CML Hammerheads got a tough win over Senor Frogs 1-0 and Chuggers beat Coolers 19-18.

Then on Tuesday Deloitte Canadian Bacon burned Master Batters 19-5 before Maples won easily over PWC.

Wednesday saw Maples C keep pace near the top of the C league with an electric 15-11 win over ElectraTech Pure Energy, KPMG Bounty Hunters beat Fluor 17-13 and Jose’s Escape narrowly avoided a huge upset as they got by league rival KPMG A 11-9.

In a battle of the C league’s top teams Maples C put the first blemish on the record of rookie sensations Julius Baer with a 9-8 win on Thursday.

From there Home Gas stayed near the top of the A league with a 7-0 win over KM Ltd and Ritz-Carlton Jesters got a big win over Vivendi Cabaret 14-5.

Heading into week seven the standings show some notable changes.

In the Breadfruit division of the A league defending league champions Home Gas are on top with Coolers on their tail. KPMG A are third while KM Ltd are at the bottom.

The Casava division sees Deloitte Canadian Bacon on top, Jose Escape holding onto second and Master Batters and Chuggers tied for third.

In the Silver Thatch division of the B league Vivendi remain top dogs at 5-1, Ritz Carlton Jesters and Doghouse are playing catch-up with .500 records and Citi is in fourth.

In the Banana Orchid division Maples Sluggers are calling the tune at 5-0, PWC Experience are second and CML Hammerheads are third. KPMG, Senor Frogs and Fluor all fall in after that.

In the C league’s lone Guinep division Julius Baer has a new rival in Maples C as both are tied atop the division at 5-1. ElectraTech are behind them at 2-4 and the PWC Scorpions are in the cellar.

Games continue through the end of this week at the Field of Dreams baseball facility in George Town.

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