Bob’s FAST track to fight attackers

Legendary martial arts instructor Bill Kipp is known as the fear doctor to many around the world. That’s because he has a unique style of teaching people how to defend themselves in three-hour long seminars.

Kipp will be teaching two self-defence seminars at the Cayman Prep and High School on March 21.

How many of us really know how to handle fear? Many of us are paralyzed by fear when confronted by a would-be attacker.

Kipp specializes in teaching how to turn fear into power.

Many students ask how will the instructors fire me up? Through the use of role playing the student is confronted by a stranger asking for directions, wanting a ride, asking for money or many other unwelcome advances.

These scenarios build from low level to red alert levels. At the seminar, the ‘woofer’ (potential assailant) plays the role of the would be attacker. They are called woofers because like a dog’s bark an attacker can intimidate a victim with a verbal attack alone.

Instruction is in the FAST Defence technique. It stands for Fear Adrenal Stress Training.

Students are taught how to look calm, instead of that dear caught in the headlights look. They’re also taught how to respond with assertive verbal responses and how to de-escalate the situation.

Bob Daigle is organising these seminars. He is a karate instructor who attended one of Kipp’s seminars years ago and was inspired. He has invested $3,000 to buy two Bulletman suits that instructors wear when being teaching their students. He will be ably assisted by Ian Richards, a tae wkon do instructor who has also trained with Kipp and female coach Risa Ebanks.

‘Seventy per cent of assaults can be avoided with the correct verbal response, and body carriage,’ said Daigle. ‘Our goal with teaching these seminars is how to avoid conflict in the first place. Students at this seminar will be taught how to flip the switch and explode with simple but effect strikes to defend themselves if need be.

‘Many assaults are a result of road rage or taking someone’s parking space. You would be surprised at how many assaults happen because someone takes a parking space from someone at a busy shopping mall in the US.

‘Either they did not see the other car waiting to pull in or they said I don’t care! I am taking it first! Also if someone was tailgating you on the highway. How many of us said: ‘I will show them’ and slam on your brakes?

‘This situation happens more often than you think. Often the tailgater will follow you and confront you face to face. With tempers raging this often ends violently.’

Using soft shield technology the students are taught how to hit really hard.

‘This method of developing power is amazing. The increase in striking power will be shocking for all who learn this powerful technology.

‘Most participants of these seminars said that the woofing is the scariest part of the process. They say it felt so real!

‘This is the first time FAST Defence has been taught in the Caribbean. Here is what Kristen Cook, someone who took this seminar in the US had to say about it: ‘To me this course is a life saver. I can’t believe the sense of safety and empowerment I feel after just a few hours of training!”

Daigle added: ‘We would like to thank the following sponsors: Royal Construction, Edmar’s Pharmacy, Coldwell Banker, Dollar Renta Car, Comfort Suites and Kirk Sea Tours.

‘Without their support these seminars would not be possible. We are donating two seminar spaces for the Women’s Crisis Centre.

‘This is a small community and if we work as a team we can accomplish great things.’

  • There will be two seminars on Saturday March 21. The first from 9am- 12:30pm and the other from 1pm- 4:30pm.
    For more information contact Bob Daigle at 925-6946 or email [email protected]

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