Most people know little about proposed constitution

Nearly 60 per cent of the respondents to the most recent online poll feel they are either not very informed or not informed at all about the provisions in the proposed constitution.

Eligible voters will decide in a referendum on 20 May if the proposed constitution will become the new law of the land. The assent of a simple majority of voters in the referendum is needed to approve the constitution.

Of the 316 respondents, 102 of them (32.3 per cent) said they were not very informed and 86 people (27.2 per cent) said they were not informed at all.

‘I tried to understand clause 16, but couldn’t make heads or tails of what it said,’ commented one person. ‘One needs to be a Philadelphia lawyer to understand the language.’

‘The [Human Rights Committee] has caused so much focus to be on Section 16 that no one else is talking about the rest of the 86-page document,’ said someone else. ‘A plain English version should be available by now to the general public.’

‘Why do you give so much attention to primitive gay-haters,’ asked someone else.

‘If you don’t know, vote no,’ said another respondent.

Fifty-seven people (18 per cent) said they were fairly informed about the provisions of the proposed constitution.

‘I feel fairly informed, but I haven’t actually read the new constitution,’ said one person. ‘I’ve looked at it, but it seems like only lawyers can make much sense of it and I’m not a lawyer.’

‘I’m as informed as I want to be,’ said someone else. ‘Most people do not try to understand what it is all about, good or bad. They just leave it be.’

‘I’m informed and I’m unhappy about not being offered a complete loaf, a full bill of rights, now, not later.’

Only 23 respondents (7.3 per cent) said they were very informed about the proposed constitution.

‘Cayman Islands = British forever,’ was the only comment made by one of those respondents.

Another 48 people (15.2 per cent) responded that they couldn’t care less about the proposed constitution.

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