Rick warms up – with 46 miles!

Ultimate runner Rick Singer has got over his injuries and is back in shape for his run 2,800 across America later this year.

This weekend though he is doing the 45.5 miles across Grand Cayman – as a training run!

Singer, 32, will start at the Turtle Farm at 5am and hopes to finish at Rum Point around 12 hours later tomorrow.

Singer’s Million Dollar Run is for multiple charities and he is asking sponsors to donate just $1 each.

He hopes to do it in just over six weeks, around 60 miles a day and set a Guinness World Record in the process as well as raise pots of money for various charities.

Singer has signed an agreement with the Guiness Book of World Records to attempt breaking the current 27 year old record by crossing the United States in 46 days on foot.

Besides donations to the charities, 50 per cent of his book sales profit will also be donated to charity.

The epic run begins on August 16 from Los Angeles to New York City and charities that will benefit include: Indra Loka Animal Sanctuary, Stay Focused, Choice Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation CenterDamon and Stella Foundation for Mental Health,and the Goodeed Health.

Singer, 32, is a lecturer, motivational speaker and author. He ran the New York City Marathon in November but injuries prevented him from completing the Cayman Marathon a month later.

Having undergone physio and well rested, Singer is in better shape to tackle the arduous run across Cayman tomorrow.

‘My knee pain is not present,’ Singer said. ‘I can still run across Cayman, however will do intervals with walking as it is much healthier on my knees that way.

‘I’m Look to beat my time from last time when I ran the 46 miles. The time was 12.5 hours so anything better is acceptable to me.’

He is a little disappointed by the lack of individual sponsorship he has received although plenty of corporate sponsors have chipped in.

‘At this point I don’t look to raise much being that Cayman has not been very generous thus far.

‘People can donate at www.runacrossCayman.com and all funds will be accepted till the end of the year.

‘I’m still doing the run because I made a commitment and to prepare for the US run.

‘It’s been a long haul with frustration, disappointment, obstacles… but I will move forward and complete both runs, I’m sure of that.’

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