Body found in EE

Royal Cayman Islands Police Officers confirmed Tuesday afternoon that they found a female body in East End, not far from where they had earlier discovered the abandoned car missing 21-year-old Sabrina Schirn was last seen driving.

Ms Schirn

Ms Schirn

Police did not immediately identify the remains, nor did they specify a cause of death, however officers spent late Monday afternoon and all Tuesday searching the heavily wooded area, off High Rock Road for clues about Ms Schirn’s disappearance.

Ms Schirn’s family members were among those on the scene Tuesday afternoon searching the area when the body was found. The Caymanian Compass understands the body was found by a member of the public that is familiar with the area.

The Compass was just going to press when details of the body’s discovery were confirmed by the RCIPS early Tuesday afternoon. More details will appear in Thursday’s edition.

Ms Schirn left her workplace, the Blockbuster video store at Grand Harbour, last Wednesday morning ‘to go to East End,’ according to the store’s manager. Police tracked her Blackberry signal to the Gun Bay area later that morning, but the device apparently hasn’t been used since.

The vehicle Sabrina left work in, a white Honda Toreno, was recovered late Monday afternoon in a remote area of East End on a dirt track just off High Rock Drive.

Police descended on the area Monday evening after the car’s discovery. K9 officers and the police helicopter undertook repeated searches of the area, while police went door-to-door looking for information about her whereabouts.

Police, friends, co-workers and family members had all earlier expressed grave concern about Ms Schirn. A Facebook Internet page containing information about Sabrina and news of her disappearance, including website reports from the Caymanian Compass, was started on Sunday.

‘We are extremely worried about Sabrina and I urge her to contact us as soon as possible,’ RCIPS Detective Inspector J. Kim Evans said prior to the discovery of the body.

‘It’s creepy,’ Sabrina’s boss, Blockbuster co-owner Deborah McTaggart had earlier said, referring to the manner in which the case had unfolded. ‘I can’t believe no one’s heard from her yet.’

The father of the woman whose car Sabrina drove from the video store last Wednesday received a call over the weekend from someone claiming to be Sabrina. However, when he called that number back he was told that Sabrina wasn’t there.

There were also numerous sightings of Sabrina reported between Wednesday and Saturday, but police said it was difficult to confirm the veracity of those reports.

‘We are working to establish that these were actually her,’ Inspector Evans had earlier said.

The Honda Toreno was located in East End around 5.10pm Monday by a member of the public. Residents in the area told the Caymanian Compass that the vehicle had not been seen there over the weekend and speculated that it may have been abandoned sometime between sundown Sunday and Monday afternoon. The car was processed for evidence by RCIPS scenes of crime officers Monday night.

Police officials said investigators were following up on those reports.

Mrs. McTaggart said it was unlike Sabrina, who has worked for her for about 18 months, to disappear and not show up for work.

She was scheduled to meet with a friend for lunch last Wednesday but didn’t show. She was supposed to pick up Mrs. McTaggart’s daughter from school, but didn’t make it there. She was scheduled to work on Thursday, and again failed to appear. That was when her family reported her missing.

Mrs. McTaggart said there was an incident the week before Sabrina went missing involving a man who she said threatened Sabrina at the Blockbuster store. It was her recollection that incident had occurred on either 5 or 6 March.

‘I just chased him off, but he was very much aggressive and in my face,’ Mrs. McTaggart said, adding that the man’s name had been given to authorities.

Sabrina lives with her parents on Grand Cayman. Mrs. McTaggart said there would have been no reason for her to leave the Island, and that her parents were in possession of her passport anyway.

On Tuesday morning, RCIPS officers were conducting a house-to-house search and questioning residents in the area where the Honda Toreno was found.

‘It’s essential we hear from anyone with information about Sabrina’s movements,’ Inspector Evans said.

Those with information about Sabrina’s disappearance are asked to call RCIPS Sergeant Winsome Prendergast at 516-5241 or Cayman Crime Stoppers at 800-8477.

Police officers review evidence at the scene in East End where the vehicle Sabrina Schirn took from her work last week was found. Photo: Brent Fuller

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