dms invests in youth

dms Organization Ltd. and dms Management Ltd. recently volunteered key managers to educate Cayman’s youth.

Vice President of Finance of dms Organization Ltd. Richard Harrison and Senior Manager of dms Management Ltd. Ronan Guilfoyle taught Economics for Success to 9th grade George Hicks High School students.

The syllabus provided practical information about personal finance and the importance of identifying education and career goals based on students’ skills, interests and values.

Economics for Success is part of the local Junior Achievement programme which is spearheaded by the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Central.

‘Working with the youth is investing in our future. The dms conglomerate as a whole is keen to hire locally, which makes this opportunity ideal, as we reach out and educate local students about the financial industry and the employment opportunities therein,’ said Mr. Harrison.

‘It was a pleasure working directly with the students and teacher Mrs. Marie Pride, and I look forward to continuing our relationship with Cayman’s youth.’

Mr. Guilfoyle said: ‘dms recognises the Junior Achievement programme to be one of immense value, and we were delighted to share our knowledge and hopefully heighten students interest in a career in the financial industry.’

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