Sabrina’s timeline:

5 March – A male enters the Blockbuster Video store in Grand Harbour threatening Sabrina, according to store employees. He’s run off by the store manager. Reports are made to police but no officers show up, according to store co-owner Deborah McTaggart.

11 March, 10am – Sabrina Schirn appears at work on her day off. According to another Blockbuster employee, she asked to borrow the employee’s car. The employee said no. Sabrina then allegedly grabbed the employee’s car keys and took off in a white Honda Toreno, leaving the keys to her own vehicle behind.

11 March, 10.30am – Last known use of Sabrina’s Blackberry, traced to East End in the Gun Bay area.

11 March, 9.30pm – Blockbuster Video closing, Mrs. McTaggart becomes worried that no one has heard from Sabrina all day, including a friend she was supposed to have lunch with and Mrs. McTaggart’s daughter who Sabrina was supposed to pick up in West Bay. Mrs. McTaggart says she allowed the employee whose Honda was taken to use Sabrina’s car for the time being.

11 March, late evening – Sabrina supposedly seen in the back of a car in North Side at Nico Norte bar.

12 March, 2pm – Sabrina fails to show up for work. Mrs. McTaggart calls police to report her missing but is told she can’t do so, because she’s not a family member.

12 March, 3pm-5pm – Hope Schirn, Sabrina’s mom, calls police to report her daughter missing.

12 March, later evening – family members, including Sabrina’s brother Kevin and her sister Kristina start their own searches for their sister. Kevin stays out until 4am Friday morning.

12 March, 10.30pm – Hope Schirn contacted by police and asked if officers can come over to speak with her. She assents and an officer arrives around 1am. Officer takes Sabrina’s hairbrush to collect DNA samples.

12 March, sometime in the evening – another supposed sighting of Sabrina, but sighting was never confirmed.

13 March, afternoon – Sabrina’s family members begin issuing missing persons flyers around the community, including at local grocery stores. On Friday, Hope Schirn says she is told that since Sabrina hadn’t been missing for 48 hours yet, police weren’t treating her as a missing person case.

13 March, 5pm – RCIPS issues a press release about Sabrina going missing. Another sighting is reported at the Walkers Road Texaco but again, it is never confirmed. Family members continue searches.

14 March, during the day – The father of the Blockbuster employee whose Honda Toreno was taken by Sabrina Wednesday receives a call from a woman claiming to be Sabrina. He phones that number back and is told Sabrina’s not there.

14 March, 5pm – Hope Schirn meets with Det. Inspector Kim Evans to give a statement about the case. Mrs. Schirn says Inspector Evans asks that the family stop distributing the missing person’s flyers. Mrs. Schirn is told a police officer will come by her family’s home on Sunday but no officers appear.

14 March, 15 March – reported ‘sightings’ of Sabrina begin tailing off Sunday. Family searches of East End and North Side continue.

16 March, 5.10pm – Honda Toreno taken by Sabrina located along a dirt track near High Rock Road in East End near the Quarry. Police investigate. Farmers in the area said they did not notice the vehicle there over the weekend. Searches begin for Sabrina in the area, but are called off after dark.

17 March, 1.20pm – Remains believed to be Sabrina are found about a mile away from where the Honda were discovered by a search party that included her two brothers and sister.

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