Singer’s 46 mile torture ends without a killing

Ultimate athlete Rick Singer made a triumphant return to serious distance running when he completed his run across Cayman in a personal record time.

Singer ran 45.5 miles from the Turtle Farm to Rum Point on Saturday in an amazing 11 hours and 27 minutes, an hour faster than he did last year.

This was in preparation for his 2,800 mile run across America in August when he hopes to raise $1m for various charities. He is asking sponsors to donate just $1 each.

He hopes to do it in just over six weeks, around 60 miles a day and set a Guinness World Record in the process as well as raise pots of money for various charities.

He was hoping to tackle the record next month but illness and injuries caused him to postpone it.

Singer has signed an agreement with the Guiness Book of World Records to attempt breaking the current 27 year old record by crossing the United States in 46 days on foot.

Besides donations to the charities, 50 per cent of his book sales profit will also be donated to charity.

The epic run begins on August 16 from Los Angeles to New York City and charities that will benefit include: Indra Loka Animal Sanctuary, Stay Focused, Choice Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation CenterDamon and Stella Foundation for Mental Health,and the Goodeed Health.

Singer, 32, is a lecturer, motivational speaker and author. He ran the New York City Marathon in November but injuries prevented him from completing the Cayman Marathon a month later.

‘It was a long, hot, painful, yet satisfying journey,’ Singer said. ‘I got incredible support that I will never forget.

‘Roger Muller, the founder of Stay-Focused, joined me for about 10 miles which offered incredible support and my personal trainer Anthony ran the last 18.5 miles with me. I could have killed him at many points in the final stretch, but he did his job and pushed me along.

‘Finally, Helen Thomas, from Pooley Cabinets, a major sponsor and invaluable friend was there all day to provide everything I needed to succeed.

‘I hope the pain and immense effort will be rewarded by many many more donations to the charities I wish to help.’

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