Youth flag is on

This weekend marks the start of competitive games in The Security Centre Youth Flag Football League.

Games take place starting tomorrow from 2pm at the Camana Bay Sports Field.

The following is the schedule of games:

7-9 Division

Practice 1:30pm

Game 2:00pm

Field 1: Steelers v. Dolphins

Field 2: Gators v. Giants

10-12 Division

Practice: 2:30 pm

Game: 3:00 pm

Field 1: Titans v. Buucs

Field 2: Packers v. Raiders

Senior Division

Practice: 3:30

Game: 4:00

Field 1: Ravens v. Falcons

The league began 28 February and is slated to continue until 24 April.

The league kicked off on February 21 with the arrival of NFL player Martellus Bennett.

The first two eeks of the league were devoted to training camps with the kids and teaching the basics of the game.

From there kids were divided into divisions according to age and placed on various teams.

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