Anglin invited to swap parties

An invitation to switch political parties was offered to United Democratic Party (UDP) West Bay MLA Rolston Anglin, by People’s Progressive Movement (PPM) and Education Minister Alden McLaughlin, at the debate on the Education Modernisation Bill at the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday 18, March.

Noting Mr Anglin’s careful analysis and support of the tabled bill on Monday 16 March, Mr McLaughlin said he would have been disappointed if Mr Anglin had taken issue with the bill, as he has always found him to be concerned and want the best for the young people of the country.

‘He [Mr Anglin] is the he most progressive thinker on the opposition,’ said Mr McLaughlin. ‘Quite often his views are in accord with those of this government, and the question is often asked by many why he is not on this side of the House. I value his contribution and I believe he has much to offer this country.’

Citing concern for what he considered to be, ‘lost in political wilderness’, Mr McLaughlin said he feared Mr Anglin was wasting his best years on the opposition and invited him to swap allegiance and join the PPM.

When asked if he would take Mr McLaughlin up on his offer during and an adjournment MAnglin said, ‘I am where I am, and will be running for the United Democratic Party in the May elections.’

Mr Anglin also made mention that although he supported the bill, he was not as keen about it as Mr McLaughlin made it seem and still has a number of concerns. ‘The legislation may be the bones for the future of education but the meat was yet to come, which would be in the regulations’ said Mr Anglin.

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