Writer will never visit

If someone offered me a couple hundred thousand dollars a year to live in the Cayman Islands, I would turn down the offer, and quickly.

After reading the online newspapers for the past few years, it is incredible the problems your small country has, not the least of which is snobbishness and protectionism for those with status.

Nor would I spend a CI dollar to visit your island. The recent letter by some retirees, who have property at GCI and would like to live there, is very revealing as to the attitude toward non-residents. And the extremely tenuous reputation of your police force and members of the legislative assembly — all of whom personify a me-too attitude — stretches credulity.

Your apparently beautiful island is quickly becoming a former paradise. Take a look at Oahu, Hawaii. Overbuilding and over-populating have taken a heavy toll on that former paradise. At least it doesn’t have a monarchy looking over its shoulder while at the same time turning its head at the greed and corruption.

Workers have to leave after getting to know your island and people.

Trying to adopt a new constitution is rife with personal desires that override the national good.

Speeding autos. A dolphinarium. The loss of mangrove swamps. Religious zealots who want to dictate to members of the government as well as your inhabitants.

Nay, there is no way I would visit or live in the Caymans. How can such a small nation have such huge problems? Ask those in your legislative bodies and those who want to keep out all outsiders, no matter the cost to all who would desire to live, work and play there.

James A. George
Ohio, USA

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