Time to take charge

I write this letter to reach out to anyone who is shocked and terrified by the increase of crime in our country. Although some crimes cannot be prevented let us try to do something about those we can prevent.

In the occurrence of missing persons in the Cayman Islands, I urge the Royal Cayman Islands Police, the government and the community to exhaust all resources possible to make the public aware.

Once a missing persons report is filed the clock starts ticking and the following are relatively small things that could make a major impact in these cases.

1. Interrupt local television and radio stations’ normal coverage to broadcast the report.

2. Put up flyers, posters, road signs; the type used to alert drivers that road work is in progress could display the report along high traffic areas, similar to the Amber Alert broadcasted on the highways throughout the United States.

3. Have our mobile phone service providers send text messages about missing persons to their clients.

4. Create an e-mail list of individuals and organisations contacts and spread the word via the Internet.

5. Lastly and most importantly, let the people who are willing and able to lead searches lead them with the guidance of an officer.

With such a small, tight knit community we are able to spread the urgency of the situation quickly and encourage others to help in the cause. We should consider all missing persons alive until we know otherwise.

As sad as it is this is what our Island is coming to. Instead of turning a blind eye to the ugly things that happen let’s view this as an opportunity to take charge, eliminate victims and keep the home we all love as safe as we possibly can.

Erika Walton

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