Government cuts bad

How sad and ironic it is that just days after the discovery of Sabrina Schirn’s body in East End made headlines, a cut in the budget regarding public safety makes headlines as well.

The government is fully content with spending money on things that are of less priority than public safety and education. For example, the preservation of Miss Lassie’s house of course is important, it is in fact a historic Caymanian home; however, putting money toward this purchase over these two vital sectors in society is barely short of ridiculous.

As for 2.2 million dollars being spent on overseas scholarships for Caymanian students, I must applaud the Government, I just hope they don’t think it makes up for the 10.2 million dollars they cut from Education’s budget. The students receiving these scholarships will benefit, of course. I can only pray that those who are suffering in the system now, with their large class sizes and inadequate teaching aids and supplies, will make it to the level where they are able to attain these scholarships as well.

Megan Bush

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