Walkers lends a hand to readers

Law firm Walkers is lending a helping hand to young readers by donating CI$200 book tokens to eight primary schools in Grand Cayman.

The donation – worth CI$1,600 in total – benefits libraries at John A. Cumber, East End, North Side, Bodden Town, George Town, Savannah, Prospect and Red Bay schools.

Book tokens are redeemable at Book Nook.

Walkers has also approached the three primary schools on Cayman Brac – Creek, Spot Bay and West End Primary – with regard to receiving gift certificates.

It reverses a four-year trend of the firm hosting a Christmas party for primary school children, a tradition it aborted last year in the aftermath of Hurricane Paloma.

After the tropical storm affected so many of the staff’s families, the firm decided against the in favour of using the funds for something tangible.

‘Rather than taking some children out for lunch or to a party, we felt that the best way for all children in the Cayman Islands to benefit was for the money to be used to purchase books for all of the local schools,’ said Dorothy Davis, project manager with Walkers Corporate Services.

‘Promoting literacy and reading within the community is a key priority for our staff this year.’

‘We are so grateful to the staff of Walkers Global Holdings for this generous donation, which shows their great kindness,’ said Deborah Powery-Zureigat, librarian for East End, North Side and Bodden Town primary schools.

‘I was so pleasantly surprised when I heard about them wanting to donate funds from their own pockets. The three small libraries that I work in will definitely make them available to our school children.’

The donation of books by Walkers Global Holdings fits with the group’s other work to encourage literacy within the community.

Employees have been contributing their time since the start of this year for the self-sustained reading Programme at Leading Edge High School. Staff members go to the school on Friday mornings and help the students with their reading.

This was a direct contribution from the staff of Walkers Global Holdings, which encompasses Walkers Corporate Services, Walkers Fund Services and Walkers SPV.

‘Walkers Global Holdings takes its role as a corporate citizen very seriously and we are always looking at ways that we can make a difference… financially and on a personal level,’ said Nancy Lewis, CEO of Walkers Global Holdings.