Hammerheads chew up Julius Baer

Co-ed softball has produced many close games this year.

The Field of Dreams in George Town was witness to another last Thursday.

CML Hammerheads got by Julius Baer 17-10 courtesy of late inning heroics.

Julius jumped out to an early lead thanks to strong hitting from flag football star Oliver Parker and company.

But CML countered with flag football stars of their own as David Taylor and Rupert Whittaker lead a CML attack that ate up runs quickly and held Julius’ scoring steady.

Taylor steadied the side in the latter innings with good pitching and strong at-bats.

Taylor’s pitching was so good that he had flag football star Renford Barnes strike out badly on two occasions.

CML would gain the lead in the fifth and not look back. They would add insurance runs in the sixth and give up only a handful of runs down the stretch.

With the win CML moved to 5-3 and squarely in third place in the Banana Orchid division of the Barracuda league.

In spite of the loss Julius Baer are 7-2 and tied atop the Conch league with Maples C.

The match was one of several that took place in week nine of the Winter Adult Co-Ed Softball League.

Games wrapped up last Thursday with 9 matches concluded over five days.

The action started on Sunday as the Ritz-Carlton Jesters fooled Deloitte Canadian Bacon 19-9.

Monday would see Maples C just get by ElectraTech Pure Energy 11-9, Doghouse Glovernauts shut down Chuggers 16-3 and Coolers got past KPMG A 14-12.

Home Gas did well against KM Ltd on Tuesday with an 8-6 win.

Wednesday saw a pair of interesting matches as Maples Sluggers beat Vivendi Cabaret 6-5 while Master Batters took down in empathic fashion Citi Insomniacs 20-7.

Julius Baer lost out to CML Hammerheads 17-10 on Thursday and Ritz-Carlton Jesters beat Fluor convincingly 10-5.

Coming into week 10 Home Gas remained atop the Breadfruit division of the Agouti league. Coolers are in hot pursuit in second while KPMG A are a distant third. Km Ltd. are lagging behind in last.

The Cassava division sees Jose’s Escape out front with Deloitte a close second while Chuggers and Master Batters are gaining ground with 5-4 marks.

In the Silver Thatch division of the B league Vivendi are still dazzling all in first. Dog House has jumped up the standings to second with Ritz Carlton hanging on in third. Citi are last as they are the lone team in the division without a winning record.

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