Issue with editorial

In response to your editorial of Friday, 27 March, 2009 I have always recognised the need for the media to be balanced.

When you say that we took a political position on the constitution because we told people to vote no, and that we did not offer solutions, certainly that is not correct.

When the PPM refused to give a longer period for discussion and the referendum was set for five months after they launched their draft position, we said ‘give us more time so that people could understand what the Constitution was all about’, but they refused!

Then we pressed the matter again, ‘give us more time’. We advised the electorate that if the Government did not extend the time for the Referendum and ‘if you don’t know, vote no’.

When the Government buckled under the pressure, and extended the time, we went out and had discussions with the public. We gathered the information we needed to be able to have discussions with Government and took part in the negotiations with the UK. In these meetings we put forward the positions of the people. We lost on some but won (through the agreement of the UK) on many important points. Those are the facts! We have given what we feel are solutions on many sectors in these islands, some of which you have reported on correctly on many occasions. Too bad the Government didn’t listen!

W. McKeeva Bush – Leader of the Opposition