Try it, you’ll like it

I have a somewhat different view and opinion regarding the Cayman Islands which I have visited once a couple of years ago. Unfortunately my wife and I were only able to stay for four days on Grand Cayman on that visit.

We found the people we met to be friendly and helpful and the grocery stores, rental car agency, lodging and restaurants
etc. we visited were all staffed by people who would be valued by any employer anywhere.

Certainly there are problems just as there are everywhere, but they seem to me to not be a factor that would allow me to turn down several hundred thousand dollars (smiling) or really to discourage me from visiting there (my wife and I have a trip planned in May) or to negate any consideration for spending a significant amount of time on the Island. In fact, Grand Cayman represents to me one of the most desirable Caribbean islands suitable for repeat or long term visits and we have visited and stayed on many of them for comparison.

Cayman is blessed with a population that has a high standard of living compared with other Caribbean islands and a proud, peaceful population in general. The current economic downturn around the world which affects almost worldwide peoples includes Cayman which seems to be weathering it well. Cayman has no real industry or agriculture to sustain a country and relies heavily on its tourism and banking (which has really been given a bad rap by the foreign media…i.e. USA.

I won’t comment on the problems our own country (USA) is experiencing except to say (and I live in an upscale, expensive, desirable coastal community) that our local sheriff was recently arrested for embezzlement charges and our local papers are filled with the same complaints expressed in many small papers and the crime rate seems to be rising, etc., etc.

I am pleased for the Cayman people that they have apparently a strong religious community based on family values and they are concerned with keeping their society lawful and are proud of their culture and proud to be Cayman citizens. Like the Bermuda people they are concerned with keeping their country free from undesirable people, drugs, etc., and are careful with their immigration policies.

I would urge you and any who read your opinion piece to reconsider and make an effort to visit and then decide for yourselves.

Max McCord – Florida