‘No’ vote a disaster, warns Gilbert

He poured criticism over almost everything else they have done, but Bodden Town independent candidate Gilbert McLean at least agrees with the PPM government on one thing.

At a Rally in Savannah last week he urged everyone to vote ‘yes’ to the proposed draft constitution, warning a ‘no’ vote would be a disaster for the Cayman Islands.

‘It will be the biggest mistake in the history of the Cayman Islands if we do not accept this constitution,’ the former three-term legislator said.

‘We need this constitution to better represent ourselves; to better negotiate; to give ourselves certain legal authority and not informal authority,’ he said.

Mr. McLean described Cayman’s almost 40-year-old constitution as the most antiquated of any among British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, I can assure anyone that when I go get my ballot… that asks me whether I agree with the draft constitution, I am going to tick ‘yes’,’ he said.

‘I suggest to every one of you that you do the same.’

It was the one area on which Mr. McLean offered agreement with the ruling PPM government during the rally, behind the Texaco Gas Station on Wednesday 25 March (See Caymanian Compass 31 March).

He was scathing of the PPM’s performance in a range of other areas, including the economy, spending, borrowing and the auditing of government accounts.

Cayman Islands voters will be asked to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the proposed draft constitution in the Cayman Islands’ first ever referendum on 20 May. The referendum is being held on the same day as the general election.

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