Flexing their muscles

Any car can make a lot of power.

Yet few inspire the sort of admiration and following seen with heavy American muscle cars.

Classic rides like Mustangs, Camaros and Chargers from the 60s right up to the present day have long been a favourite on drag strips, especially in Cayman.

This weekend should see more of them on display smoking tires and energising spectators with their V8 rumble.

Breakers Speedway is set to host another local drag meet this Sunday. The action gets under way from 2pm to 6pm.

Though muscle cars are the focus, all other types of vehicles are encouraged to participate.

The drivers will be split up according to estimated times down the 1/8 mile track. They are slated to compete from 4-5:45pm before grudge matches (open to the public) come onboard from 6-6:45pm.

There are slated to be five classes in the six, seven, eight, nine second divisions plus an additional category for motorcycles.

As usual a spectator fee of $10 will be in effect with racers paying a race fee of $25.

Testing and tuning takes place tomorrow from 6-9pm and on race day from 2-3pm. During the day the track will be open to motorcycles.

A special promotion is in effect for racers. Those that come out tomorrow pay only $5 and owe just $20 on race day.

Cash prizes will be available for the winners. The six second class sees $500, the seven second sees $350, the eight second and motorcycle classes offer $300 and the nine second class offers $250.

In addition there will be some exciting giveaways. Among those on offer is US$1,000 for the first car or bike to run 5.999s or lower. From there the first FWD car to nab an e.t. of 7.199s or lower earns $500.

In an attempt to get more women racing there is a $100 prize on offer for the best time by a female driver. Any female with a valid driving license can race free using a vehicle other than one being used in competition.

As always safety is taken into account and there are additional measures in place for this race. All drivers and members of their pit crew are set to be issued arm bands to enter the race area. A guard is slated to be at the entrance of the race area.

In addition pit crews will only be allowed in the staging area during the staging process.

After a run is completed crew members must go behind a safety wall. No driver or crew will be allowed to stay in the staging area if their car is not actively racing.

Last month a local meet was put on at the track. Junior Hydes dominated the field with his red and yellow, track-prepped Ford Mustang. Hydes would power his rear-wheel beast to the RWD class win and emerge the overall winner on the day.

Joe Myrie, in his yellow Chevrolet Corvette, was second both in the RWD class and on the day.

One of the highlights of that meet was seeing Breakers Speedway Owner Robert Campbell race against Leslie Franklin on a pair of bicycles (which Campbell provided) down the track. Campbell won in dramatic fashion.

For more information call Robert Campbell at 916-2222 or e-mail him at [email protected].