Election offers an opportunity

The election presents a special opportunity, not just the opportunity to vote, but the chance to practise what we preach.

As Caymanians we are vocal concerning the ratio of domestic/construction workers to unemployed Caymanians being at 5:1.

We express dissatisfaction that our young people are not given the opportunity to gain work experience so they can become the CEOs of tomorrow.

There are many young Caymanians in the election race. Let’s give them a chance to wet their feet in the political arena and excell to become the leaders of a great nation.

Let us remember the icons and architects of our democracy who as young men were given a chance to test the political waters.

Great men like Mr. Norman Bodden, Mr. Benson Ebanks, Mr. Warren Conolly and Mr. Haig Bodden.

We do not forget the past; we stand tall with pride as we remember those who have prepared the way. On Election Day, the young Caymanians have my vote because the youth are our future.

My hopes for this nation founded upon seas is that the mantle will be passed on and the next generation will take this country to even greater achievements.

Ricky Powell