Green iguanas a nuisance

I have wanted to write this letter for a long time but have held off until now.

I’ve had enough.

Firstly, I’m glad to hear that there has been land put aside for the blue iguanas. This was a well needed piece of property.

But if the green iguanas continue to increase in population like they have they will soon take over the whole island and we will again face losing our Blues.

These green iguanas have only been introduced here recently (within the last 30-50years) in the salt creek area and look at the population already.

The green iguana is considered an invasive species in most countries and reproduces rapidly. Do you know a single female can carry over 70 eggs? They are very aggressive and will kill blue iguanas.

In Florida, if you are caught releasing one of these iguanas, you will be fined. The government needs to change the wording of the law to state that only blue iguanas are protected; not green iguanas.

Also, I’m getting a little tired of people slamming on their brakes for these iguanas. This is a very dangerous practice at 40mph. I have seen numerous close calls when the car ahead of someone does this. The worst one that I have seen yet was a lady that hit her brakes so hard her car went cross way in the road and almost hit an oncoming car. As I was driving around this lady (because she wouldn’t move) the look of fright on her face said it all. I hope she learned her lesson.

These iguanas should be classified as a nuisance like rats and maybe we can do something about the population, which in my estimate is in the high thousands.

This is something the government needs to look into before it’s too late, if it isn’t already.

Forgive me if I sound callous but conservation of our natural wildlife is my goal and this is why this needs to be done. I am sure Mr. [Fred] Burton of the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme will agree with me on this issue and I look forward to hearing his opinion.

Jonathan Rivers