Rookie Hydes will modify his tactics

Now that West Bayer Nicholas Hydes has tasted jet ski success, he is very eager for more.

The 15-year-old John Gray student took the double prize of Modified Class champion and Rookie of the Year during this year’s East End Surf Challenge in January.

It was only his third competitive race and he now has his sights set on the crown jewel-the Jet Around Cayman extravaganza in June.

His previous two forays in the waters resulted in a did not finish in last year’s Jet Around Cayman and a third place finish in the Modified Class of the Wes-Tec Nationals.

However, he struck it rich, relatively speaking, in East End. Hydes collected $1,500 for his success in the Modified Class.

He began with a third place finish in the five-lap race, and capped it off with wins in the seven-lap race and also triumphed in the last race, which was shortened from 10 laps to seven also. He scooped up $500 for Rookie of the Year honours.

The youngster was pleasantly surprised by his success. ‘Yeah, it was pleasing for me, especially since I’m not what you would call a very experienced rider,’ Hydes said.

‘I’m a very competitive guy, passionate about the sport, but it’s also a lot of fun. But don’t get me wrong. The money is nice,’ he laughed.

It’s no surprise that he gives that he gives much credit to the brains of his Wes-Tec team, namely Don Patrick, Eric Bodden and Mark Hydes.

‘They were with me all the way, guiding me through the entire event. I felt kind of tired towards the end of the event as endurance was an issue, but I eventually won out.’

And fresh from that experience, he will begin to train for the 2009 version of Jet Around Cayman with a schedule of beach runs, gym work emphasising weights and open water sessions on his machine.

‘I’m really looking forward to the event, especially since I didn’t complete last year’s. My approach won’t be any different. I’ll look for the front and challenge everybody else to come and get me. We’ll give it a go and see what happens.’