Mr. Paul bids farewell

The Grand Old House held a farewell luncheon to mark the retirement of Paul Aiken, a bartender at the restaurant for three decades.

In addition to family and friends, the luncheon was also attended by directors and co-workers at the Grand Old House, and by government officials.

Director Naul Bodden said Mr. Paul liked to think of the bar area as his ship.

‘And he ran a wonderful ship,’ Mr. Bodden said. ‘Not only was he efficient in running the ship, he made so many friends with the way he dealt with people.’

Mr. Bodden said Mr. Paul was a permanent fixture at Grand Old House, even in his retirement.

‘Every institution has a institution in it, and he was the institution here.’

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts spoke about his close relationship with Mr. Paul over the years.

‘Long before I had this life – when I had a real life – Paul was my friend,’ he said.

Mr. Tibbetts spoke about Mr. Paul’s personable skills as a bartender.

‘He could disarm you even if you had the worst temper in the whole world,’ he said. ‘He was the best. He was an ambassador for the Cayman Islands, and he still is.’

Mr. Tibbetts also praised Mr. Paul as a father.

‘His family is a wonderful example of what Caymanians are all about,’ he said. ‘And Mr. Paul is a wonderful patriarch.’

Mr. Paul thanked the directors for all their support and said that while he was sad to leave, circumstances dictated it was time.