Postal ballots go out

Election officials began sending out postal ballots last week to registered voters who have requested them for the 20 May General Elections and Referendum.

election training

Bodden town Returning Officer Lee Ramoon shows what election material is sent to an absentee voter as Training Officer Robert Bodden looks on. Photo Carol Winker 

The first issue of postal ballots was preceded by a training session that, for many participants, was a refresher course because they have served in previous elections.

The ballots are being sent out separately. Election ballots have been printed on different colours of paper according to districts. The envelopes accompanying them will be manila.

The ballots for the referendum are on white paper. The envelopes used to return the referendum ballot are also white.

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez urged all persons voting by postal ballot to take care and put the correct ballot in the correct envelope. If an election ballot is returned in a referendum envelope it will be rejected, he said. If a referendum ballot is returned in an election envelope, it also will be rejected.

The person voting by postal ballot receives a ballot, a small envelope in which to put the ballot after marking it, a declaration of identity and a larger envelope to return these items. The larger envelope is already addressed to the Returning Officer for the district in which the voter is registered.

The Elections Office has previously advised that all applications for postal ballots or mobile voting must be received by Thursday, 7 May.

The forms are available at all post offices, the Elections Office website, from the District Registering Officer or from the Elections Office on the second floor of Smith Road Professional Centre, 150 Smith Road.

The application forms may be hand-delivered to the registering officer or sent to the Elections Office at Post Office Box 10120, Grand Cayman KY1-1001.

The Supervisor of Elections and his staff are mandated to carry out the Elections Law and the Referendum Law.